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Founded for two core 

We love generating powerful insights
We love generating powerful insights, stimulating new ideas and helping technical and commercial teams to make decisions. We want to deliver high value strategic advice to exciting, innovative science and technology based organisations.
Valuing positive working relationships
We believe that the best work is done by people who are empowered, trusted, and feel they are making a difference. We are committed to developing a company which values positive working relationships and respects the needs of all parties. These values are core to the way we wish to interact with our clients, colleagues, partners and employees.

Dr Nigel Bailey

I co-founded Fresh Perspectiv to create a company dedicated to helping decision-makers in science and technology organisations to make better-informed decisions about product development and market exploitation. We can help you identify cutting-edge technologies and new supply/manufacturing partners from outside of your industry.

My experience includes working across industry sectors including consumer goods, chemicals, materials, food and beverage and I have consulted across multiple disciplines (chemicals, bio-tech, materials science, devices).

I have extensive strategic project experience, assessing market opportunities and evaluating partners for clients whether for technology development, or as go-to-market strategic partners. We work on your behalf, with total anonymity to ensure your brand remains anonymous, and we protect your competitive advantage.

Dr Lucy Tucker

I am an experienced, commercially astute, Innovation Strategy Consultant and PhD level Scientist with 10+ years of experience providing strategic intelligence to senior management (CEO, CTO, VP Commercial or R&D, Open Innovation) across a global portfolio of science and technology-based Multinationals, SMEs and Universities.

Working at the intersection of commercial and technical innovation strategy, I am passionate about emerging technologies and products; identifying opportunities for clients to drive positive and disruptive change in B2B and B2C markets.

I co-founded Fresh Perspectiv to create a company with both the expertise and culture that would lead to valued (and in many cases, long-term) relationships with our clients. The past 5 years have delivered just that whilst having a lot of fun along the way!
Diverse perspectives, flexible approach and lower overheads.

Diverse team

Lucy and Nigel work on every project together and call upon associates, where required, to access additional skills, insights and capacity.
> 50% Female
Our team is over 50% female.
Multiple languages
Our team speaks multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean.
Our team is educated in Chemistry, Engineering and Physics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Get you new insights quickly
  • Speak to experts to get their up to date view of a problem, challenge or issue (building on information gathered from published sources)
  • Challenge your thinking, exploring areas or opportunities you may not have considered or explored before
  • Clearly present and recommend options based on technical and commercial information
  • Use our impartiality to help you to make informed decisions
  • Exhaustive database (e.g. literature or patent) searches
  • Surveys
  • Personally provide deep subject matter expertise (but we seek it!)
  • When your needs are ambiguous; where you are seeking clarity and even need help to define the problem in the first place
  • When getting answers and insights anonymously is beneficial
  • When solutions or insights may come from consideration of multiple industries, technologies or processes or geographic markets outside your core areas of expertise or capability
  • When you want to make informed decisions that are both technically and commercially viable
  • When looking for identification, evaluation and introduction to partners
  • When you need deep technical assessment, for example, from exhaustive patent or literature searches
  • When you have close contacts in partners yourself and it is as easy for you to make the call
  • We don’t have labs!
  • Working closely with the client team to understand and define the problem to solve from the outset
  • Regular reconnects to update the team on learnings and allow redirection as appropriate
  • Being considered an extension of your internal team
Diverse perspectives, flexible approach and lower overheads.

A Cambridge-based consultancy with an international reach.

We have > 25 years combined experience of delivering high value front end innovation consulting to Multinational companies, SMEs, and Universities.

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