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do we do?

We have completed nearly 100 assignments for some of the world’s largest multinationals; helping to innovate products and processes that are more sustainable, healthier and profitable.
Technology options & partners
Which technology can help to get new products or services to the market?

Which manufacturing, technology developer or academic partner can help to get new products or services to market?
Technology & market landscaping & trends
How do other people approach problem "X"? What does space "Y" look like and how is it evolving?

What are the short, medium and long term trends that will impact us?
Is market/industry "Z" a compelling fit for this technology, product or service?

What are the current approaches in that industry and how does our solution help?
Commercial impact assessment
What impact does our technology, product or service have to key stakeholders and customers?

How might it be improved?

Why work with us?

We enable better informed, quicker commercial and technical decision-making
You can innovate with agility
We rapidly gather insights to inform go/no go decisions to enable accelerated and sustained growth.
You protect your identity and commercial interests
We gather insights anonymously on your behalf and ensure we seek insights based on your needs.
You can access product or service development outside your current core area of expertise
We work at the intersection of different industries and disciplines to provide access to diverse technologies, business model ideas, and expert opinions to inform your strategy.
We bring insights, skills and expand the capacity of your internal team
We bring new insights, using a proven approach, breadth of knowledge and vast experience.
You obtain a fresh perspective and diverse thinking
With a clear pragmatic and intelligent approach, we look beyond conventional wisdom to consider new strategies. We bring our external perspective and build on your expertise.

How do we do it?

Understand and deconstruct our client's challenge, exploring assumptions and understanding commercial and technical context and needs.
We devise an intelligent and pragmatic project strategy to explore different areas of interest.
Iterative approach
An iterative approach using a combination of conversations, with key stakeholders / commentators /experts, leveraging and building on existing diverse networks and secondary research.
We explore the most pertinent commercial and technical questions. Regularly updating our client on progress and adjusting approach as appropriate.
Consider and analyse
Consider and analyse our findings, deriving insights, conclusions and recommendations relevant to our client's context.
Report back to our client, highlighting our recommendations and next steps, making introductions where appropriate.
How we have helped

How we help.

View our list of case studies to see how we have helped clients across multiple industries.
Case Studies

Our team

Dr Lucy Tucker
I enjoy providing the necessary bridge between technical and commercial considerations to identify the best opportunities for my clients
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Dr Nigel Bailey
We understand the commercial context and needs and consider all elements of a business model
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We have completed nearly 100 assignments for some of the world’s largest multinationals; helping to innovate products and processes that are more sustainable, healthier and profitable. Our clients trust our expertise and advice. Here is what they have to say about us.
Global Consumer Device Company
It has been a real pleasure working with you both. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate together, hopefully on a more defined project/need and under better circumstances than these COVID times. Thank you for all the great learnings, mapping, the partnership collaboration and flexibility through this past program and for being open to future opportunities. It has been a real pleasure working with you.
Product Marketing Manager
Chemical Device Company
Nigel and Lucy were very helpful on my early stage innovation project for a potential spin-out idea. Initially, they worked closely with us to identify specific questions and target companies. Throughout the process they were always in touch to ensure that their output was meeting our needs. Finally, they collected all their research into a clear concise presentation to help move the project forward. You provide a powerful insight; someone we knew already but you have highlighted important things that we hadn't thought about. Thank you.
Innovation Manager
Global Scientific Device Development Company
I engaged you because I believe in your team, your value proposition and what you stand for. You impressed me with your knowledge and skills. The numbers also came in where I hoped. You are clearly interested in the problem and passionate about getting the insight I needed. I get what I am paying for – the skills, experience and your availability to deliver; I like that I am getting the two people [to do the work] who have impressed me.
VP, Advanced Materials
Russell Group University
Nigel and Lucy have been incredibly professional and courteous in a series of typical and onerous halts to work due to process and infrastructure. That professionalism has been much appreciated and the work could not have been completed without it. The work itself is comprehensive and will be useful in our case study preparation. Overall, the reports that have been produced will significantly improve the case studies that they were commissioned to support… They have been great at building trust with our stakeholders.
Impact Engagement Officer
Open Innovation
I want to share my great pleasure of working with you over the past years. I appreciate both your professional attitude and mastery and your friendly and flexible style that made so effective and pleasant having you as partners.
R&D Director Corporate

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